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We know and care about the people we serve here in the Lewiston area.  We live here. We see you in stores, at church and social events.  Because we're "in it, together," our firm works hard to be a good neighbor and a great advocate for you.   Let us help solve your legal questions, today.

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We treat you with respect here at Whalen Law Offices your Lewiston, Maine lawyers.  We’ll never talk down to you and we’ll always take the time to make sure that we’re on the same page.  Whether your legal matter is simple or complex we’ll be straight with you, offer practical solutions and always aim for the most cost effective way to handle it.


  • Four Things to Consider Before Major Surgery

    I will, from time to time, post general advice on topics of interest to the site. Please, remember that we cannot give you legal advice on this site. Since each situation is unique, we need to have personal contact. But, we do hope you find our comments helpful.  “John, I just learned I need to go for major surgery! Is there anything I should do to get my legal affairs in order?” This is a... Read more →

  • Choosing a business entity form

         Business entity form – the pros and cons Choosing the business entity form is one of the most important series of decisions a business owner will make.  Here are some of the pros and cons of the various options available to a business owner. Sole proprietorship A sole proprietorship is a business entity form where an individual (or a married couple) elect to operate solely on their own.  He/she may decide upon a name... Read more →

  • Social Media and Your Legal Case

    Technology and Social media have combined to form the perfect storm for parties to a legal matter. While it is tempting to share, post, email or tweet about your divorce, eviction, injury claim, court proceeding, or statements your attorney made to you, it is important to understand the negative implications that can come from sharing information online. When you consult with and hire an attorney to represent you in a legal matter, you form an... Read more →

  • Maine Estate-Gift Taxes Explained

    Maine Estate-Gift Taxes Will your family be subject to Maine estate-gift taxes when you die?  Maine is one of the few states which continue to have an estate tax.  Being married may help you avoid or defer it. The Maine Estate-Gift Taxes, on those estates which are taxable, are at rates which range from 8% to 12%.  While this tax is credited against the federal estate tax, because of the differing exemption levels, the Maine... Read more →

  • Starting a Business in Maine

    Are you starting a business in Maine? Our office is gets a lot of calls from individuals who are thinking about starting a business in Maine; so we thought it might help to post a short series of articles on the subject. We need to first begin with a disclaimer.  The information in this article (and those that follow) should not be taken as direct legal advice as each case is different.  If you are... Read more →